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Ednology is committed to ensuring the delivery of our products and services to all users, regardless of their origin and capabilities. Creating and providing a website accessible to all has been our prerogative as such a service certainly brings benefits and positive effects to the overall usability of all.

We intend to continuously review, test, modify and improve our site in order to implement new features in future versions of the site.

Guaranteed Website Standards

This site uses standard technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS technology.

We also implement the following user-friendliness features:

  • Images of the site shall, as far as possible, contain appropriate descriptive text.
  • Images and site pages are optimised for quick upload/download.
  • We have used primary and background colours in such a way as not to tire the user’s eyesight, guaranteeing a good degree of contrast.
  • Every content is written clearly and limpidly, in standard English.
  • Each button or functional element is clearly displayed and visible on the site.
  • Each use of symbols (e.g. >, &) are used exclusively where necessary, following the semantic context.
  • Each form or page of interaction can be easily consulted and possibly completed with the sole use of keyboard.
  • The layouts on each page have been designed to be clear and easily accessible.
  • As already mentioned, we use JavaScript for each scripting component used by the site, in order to improve and provide appropriate functions.
  • If you have a question about web accessibility or feedback on our site, please contact us or email us at: [email protected]

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